THJSL Referee Information

If you are looking to become a referee

  • Sign up for and complete the Introductory Level (Grade 8) Referee class
  • Sign up for an account on OregonSoccerCentral website
  • When the account is activated, sign up to work for THJSL
    • Log on to your OrSocCtrl account
    • Click on "Orgs that may need Referees"
    • Click on THJSL
    • Click "Please ADD ME to the THJSL User List"
  • Read through all the information in the remaining sections
    • If you are an existing referee but have not worked for THJSL before
    • If you are a returning THJSL referee
    • Points of Emphasis - Must Reading for All Referees
    • Rules for Self-Assign
    • How Referee Ranks Work
    • Updated Newz Yew Kin Yewz

If you are an existing referee but have not worked for THJSL before

  • THJSL conducts recreational soccer games for players from Second Grade ("G2") up through and including High School ("HS Rec").
  • Most teams are either "Girls" or "Boys" but girls are allowed to play on a boys' team
  • HS Rec teams are Coed - both boys and girls play on the same team
  • The RoC contains a section specific for the HS Rec games that includes the differences for Coed play
    • You can find the Rules of competition here
  • Games are played on fields in the Tualatin Hill Parks and Recreation District ("THPRD"), the boundaries of which are essentially the same as the Beaverton School District
  • Games are played under the FIFA Laws of the Game ("LotG") with modifications (Rules of Competition or "RoC") allowed for youth play
  • Almost all referee assignments are done using the Self-Assign feature on OregonSoccerCentral
  • There are specific rules about the self-assign process (see separate section, below)
  • MAKE SURE YOU READ THE Points of Emphasis SECTION!!!

If you are a returning THJSL referee

  • The newly revised (as of Fall 2016) Rules of Competition ("RoC") are available here
    • This document covers all age levels of play, 2nd Grade through HS Rec
    • Download and print them out
    • Read, memorize and carry with you in your referee bag
  • Note that the HS Rec Coed games have specific section in the RoC that address Coed play
  • MAKE SURE YOU READ THE Points of Emphasis SECTION!!!

Points of Emphasis - Must Reading for All Referees
Jewelry, New FIFA Laws, THJSL Rules of Competition for HS Rec,
OYSA Rules we are NOT Following, Who May Head the Ball & Who May Not

  • No Jewelry Rule
    • The RoC are very specific that no player is permitted to wear jewelry of any kind
    • When parents get their player's schedule they must agree to the terms of this prohibition to obtain the schedule
      • So there should be no argument about this at your games
      • If you have a problem then have the complainer call Keith Ericson (503-734-8932) discuss it with him
  • New FIFA Rules are in effect for the Fall season
    • An almost complete rewrite of the FIFA Laws of the Game is in effect
    • You can find the full PDF - 200+ pages - here
    • Or just look over the Summary and Details of the Changes here
  • Note that the HS Rec Coed games have specific RoC that address Coed play
    • The RoC can be found here - it covers all age groups
    • All the THJSL RoC apply, with differences for HS Rec listed on Page 3
  • OYSA has developed specific rules for their U9-U10 Development League
    • There are restrictions on goalkeeper punts and additional lines on the field that are relevant to the goalkeeper distributing the ball
  • In games for G6 (aka "U12") and younger, players are not allowed to intentionally head the ball
    • An infraction is treated and the restart is the same as Dangerous Play - an Indirect Free Kick
    • These games are all officiated by a solo referee
  • Players in G7, G8 and HS Rec games are allowed to intentionally head the ball
    • These games are officiated with 3-man crews

Rules for Self-Assign

The Rules* for Self-Assigning

The idea is that you NEVER leave a single game out there

that no one else will likely want to take.


On any given day, a field may have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 games on it

1. Two games on the field – you take both of them    

2. If the field has 3 games on it, you take all three

3. If the field has 4 games on it you have three choices:

          a. Take all four

          b. Take the FIRST two

          c. Take the LAST two

4. If the field has 5 games then...

          a. Take the first three or the last three

          b. Take the first two or the last two

          c. Take all 5 ("Iron Man" award!)

5. If there are 6 or 7 games then take as many as you want but don't leave the first (early) game nor the last (late) game and don’t leave a "game in the middle" either.


Remember, the idea is that you NEVER leave a single game out there

that no one else will likely want to take.


*These rules all “disappear” the evening before any still-open game(s).

At that point, take whatever you want...

How Referee Ranks Work
And how it applies to self-assign

Every game is assigned a rank which is a measure of the level of difficulty for that game. G2 (U8) game is easier to do than a High School Rec game. So the G2 game has a lower rank than does the HS Rec game.

Similarly all referees have a rank (actually, two ranks - we'll get to that) which defines the assignor's perceived level of game that the referee is capable of working. Referees have two ranks - one for the level of games that s/he can work as the Center (or Solo) Referee and another for the level of games s/he can work as an Assistant Referee.

New youth referees - with no game history - are assigned the easiest games to work. For THJSL these are the G3 (3rd Grade) games. It turns out that  the G2 (2nd Grade) games are actually more difficult: new coaches, new parents, new players - these need a referee with some experience.

As the referee works more games and gains both experience and confidence the assignor will raise the referee's rank(s) so they can work higher level games.

When you log on to OregonSoccerCentral you will find some games with green plus-sign icons and some with little emall icons. Those with the green plus signs are the ones you can self-assign: your rank is equal to or greater than the rank of that assignment. Click on the plus sign and go through the short self-assign process.

The positions with the email icon are ranked higher than your rank for that assignment. Clicking on the icon lets you send a request to the assignor for the game. NOW - THIS IS IMPORTANT: you need to provide some good reason you think you can do the game. The assignor has your rank set too low - so you need to explain why you think it is too low. (If all you add to the note is "I want to do this game" I'll just hit the "Delete" button on your email.)

Turning Back Games
If you sign up for games and then turn them back you are NOT released from those games until the Referee Assignor takes you off those games. That means you can't take some other games - you are still locked into the first ones. So be careful if you're turning back one set of games in hopes of taking a different set. By the time the Referee Assignor gets you released from the first set, the new set might be already taken by another referee. If that happens, then you might be out of luck because someone else will have taken your original games!

Updated Newz Yew Kin Yewz
Update: 13 SEP 2016 - Substitution Procedure

Substitution Procedure
  • All substitutes enter ONLY at midline
    • No players jumping up from the bench to come in when the ball goes out of play
    • Coaches must have the discipline to get their substitutes to midline prior to the stoppage
  • Referees are not allowed to deny any substitution request
    • If there are only, say, 20 seconds left, then those 20 seconds will be consumed by the substitution
      • You can advise the coach of the time and let him/her decide whether or not to retract the substitution
    • If the referee suspects that the substitution is a delaying tactic (the team is trying to protect their lead) then the referee adds time to the half
      • And announce quite loudly to that coach that you will be adding the time
    • Even if the RoC state "no added time" you can do this to prevent these time-wasting substitutions

THJSL Referee Information